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Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment that removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. However, this injection helps to give faster recovery and optimal results, and you can see results within a few days after botox treatment. When you get treatment after completing the procedure, avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas to prevent the toxin from spreading to unintended muscles. It's also advisable to stay upright for at least four hours post-treatment and refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours. Hydrate well, avoid excessive sun exposure, and steer clear of alcohol for the first day. These steps are not just essential to minimize bruising and swelling; they're the key to a quicker recovery. 

Proper aftercare of Botox not only enhances the effectiveness of the treatment but also prolongs its benefits. If you plan to receive top-notch care, visit our Beverly Hills Med Spa clinic, where our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal results.

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Things to expect during the Botox Treatment


It doesn't matter what type of botulinum injection you are taking; it will be a short procedure for sure. For instance, if you are getting the treatment done on your face, it will last for only 15-20 minutes, and that too without anesthesia. The needle used is small and can be tolerated very easily. To make the treatment even more bearable, some physicians opt for a vibration device injection. 

The physicians usually start with an iodine starch test when treating the underarms. Firstly, armpits are painted with iodine and dusted with cornstarch later on. When the patient sweats, the powder turns to purple color. Consequently, it helps the surgeons to know the exact location of sweat glands. This is where we proceed with the injections that consume around 30 minutes only. 

Instructions for Botox Aftercare

The only aim of Botox aftercare is to facilitate optimum results. Along with this, care is taken to minimize the risk of bruising and spreading to other nearby areas. 

You need to take care of certain things, especially on the day you get Botox. It will be better if you: 

  • Gently massage your face

  • Proper relaxation ensured during the whole day. 

  • Maintaining an average heart rate.

  • Besides this, you need to avoid rubbing, touching, and any physical pressure on the area being treated. 

  • Leave behind the treated area for some time. 

Apart from the above-mentioned Botox aftercare guidelines, you can also adhere to the below-mentioned Botox aftercare instructions. 

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Resuming normal activities

There is as such no recovery time required for Botox injections. Consequently, you no longer need to take off from your work or school. Right after the treatment, you can resume your daily activities. 

Wait for doing some hard activity

If you love working out, you have to wait for a while after availing the Botox treatment at least 24 hours. For the best guidance on this, consult your doctor for this as he might suggest you wait for several days. 

The blood flow is increased when you indulge in any physical activity. This can spread the toxin to other areas and will reduce the effectiveness of the Botox injection. Besides this, it can also trigger the chances of bruising. 

Doing hard exercise can also contract your muscles diminishing the toxin's effectiveness. 

But you can perform some facial exercises as they are safe to do. Here are some of the facial exercises you can easily perform: 

  • Smiling 

  • Frowning 

  • Raising your eyebrows

These light movements and Botox aftercare can enhance the effects of Botox. 

No make up 

You need to ensure a break from makeup if you received a Botox injection on your face. This is because applying the makeup will disperse the toxin as it will run over the skin. 

Seat yourself for some hours 

After getting Botox treatment, you need to sit for the first four hours because if you bend or lie down, then the toxin will spread over your body and cause bruising. 

Take medications

Before taking any medication, consult your doctor for the same as some medications can trigger bruising. Consequently, only take them with guidance from your doctor and when it's safe to have them. 

Things to avoid after Botox 

Botox aftercare

Many people wonder what not to do after Botox? The answer is right here. 

Rubbing face frequently 

Usually, injection sites heal at a fast pace. But if you continue rubbing the area repeatedly, it might lead to bruising, redness, and even irritation. It is common to feel some discomfort after the treatment, and you may also feel like rubbing the area, but you need to avoid it at best. Understand that your skin needs some time to recover from the treatment and, consequently, not do some unnecessary movement in the affected area. 

No blood thinners

The blood thinners like aspirin, NSAID pain relievers tend to elevate the risk of bleeding and bruising. Along with alcohol, they should also be avoided for nearly 24 hours after availing the injection. 

Refrain from heat and sun

Your skin is exposed to redness and swelling in the presence of heat and sun. As a result, after availing the Botox injection, avoid heat lamps, tanning beds, and exposure to the sun for one whole day. If you want to step outside, ensure you are protected enough and have applied sunscreen or worn hats. 

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Do not wash your face 

Applying moisturizer or washing your face may be good habits to follow on other days but not after the treatment. Consequently, avoid using lotion or washing your face so that the medicine can set in your skin and may produce good results for you. 

No physical activity 

You need to avoid any strenuous activity that can cause harm to you and refrain yourself from working out. Give your treatment and body some rest after undergoing the Botox treatment. 

Avoid drinking 

As part of Botox aftercare, alcohol is strictly prohibited. To avoid any adverse reaction after the treatment, you need to stay away from alcohol for a short while. Consequently, do not consume alcohol after some days of the treatment as it can mess up things. 

Hard exercise 

If anything can prevent Botox from setting your muscles and nerves correctly, then it is the big workout and straining facial exercises. Do not indulge in this as it affects your results. You can go for leisurely work if you feel like doing something. 

Avoid sleeping on the area treated 

No doubt, you don't care much during sleep but try your best not to sleep on the treated areas. It will decrease the physical pressure, and consequently, Botox will settle into your muscles. 

Along with this, refrain from sleeping within four hours after the treatment.  


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