As a leading expert and pioneer of Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration, Dr. Kahen has implemented the most advanced solution to prevent hair loss. SmartPRP® is Dr. Kahen’s patent-pending Platelet Rich Plasma technology. He is a pioneer for Non Surgical PRP Hair growth Treatment in Los Angeles, CA. SmartPRP® generates 7 billion platelets and growth factors, unmatched by any other PRP technology.

What is SmartPRP?


These biological factors are responsible for hair rejuvenation and wound healing process. A dosage of SmartPRP® is designed to strengthen and nourish implanted and non-implanted hair follicles, creating incomparable results. SmartPRP® is used with or without a hair transplant procedure to deliver greater follicle density and darker hair color pigmentation. 

SmartPRP can be used on the scalp, beard, and even eyebrows! 


Why Beverly Hills MedSpa?


At Beverly Hills MedSpa we provide our patients with natural-looking results and use advanced technology to ensure a minimally invasive procedure. Non Surgical PRP Hair growth Treatment in Los Angeles, CA Never should anyone be able to tell a person has had a procedure done. 

We know you're busy! It is important for the patient to heal quickly to get back to their daily lives.

Non Surgical PRP Hair growth Treatment in Los Angeles, CA. The healing process of a hair restoration procedure is just as important as the procedure itself. The advanced biology of the SmartPRP allots for optimal healing after the procedure for a speedy recovery.

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Before  PRP                                                                                                         After PRP