Double Chin Reduction

The fullness often seen under the chin due to accumulated fat cells is called a double chin. Many people dread this condition because it makes a person look like they have two chins. Excess fat often builds up around the neck or under the chin, which leads to this condition. Some of the body areas that are treatable with Kybella double chin reduction include:

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What is Double Chin Reduction?

Why Choose Coolsculpting

An ideal treatment option that works exceptionally well in removing stubborn fat cells under the chin or the central neck is called KYBELLA®. If you are under 40 years old, you are an eligible candidate for this procedure. Both mild and excess fat cells are removable with this fat removal technique. Kybella is a non-surgical procedure administered through injections. Once injected, the treatment breaks down and neutralizes stubborn fat cells in the injection site. The treatment will then eliminate excess fat gradually through natural metabolic processes.

A patient may need several KYBELLA® injections over a month apart to produce the best desirable results. However, you need to know that keeping a stable weight is paramount after this treatment because fat cells don't generate naturally. Once you have achieved your desired shape, you may not need further treatment sessions. If a patient's double chin is caused by a combination of fat and excess skin, our experts may recommend surgical procedures such as a neck lift to make the results more effective. This fat removal treatment for removing the double chin works very well. However, since KYBELLA® doesn't shrink the skin, people with high skin elasticity are likelier to get the best results.

Why Choose Coolsculpting

How does Double Chin Reduction work?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons at Beverly Hills Med Spa clinic in Los Angeles, conveniently and comfortably administers the KYBELLA™ procedure. After the treatment, a patient will start noticing fat reduction under the chin, including a well-defined jawline that makes a face look more proportioned and slimmer. If you want to get it, you need to inquire about chin liposuction cost Los Angeles in advance.

The first thing that will happen during a non-surgical double chin removal is that the doctor will sterilize the neck and the chin areas. The doctor will then use an ultra-fine needle to inject the deoxycholic acid-based solution into the treatment area to target stubborn fat built up along the jawline or below the chin.
Targeting areas of the "double chin" fat, our experts will inject Kybella to eliminate all the fat cells that have formed around the neck and under the chin. This will sculpt the jawline to give it a smooth, tight appearance. The patient's fat reduction goal will determine the number of Kybella injections.
The treatment area needs a numbing agent to minimize pain and discomfort during the chin liposuction Los Angeles. The chin area with excess fat is injected using a very fine needle. The injected solution neutralizes the fat's ability to form in the treatment area, and excess fat will eventually fade away.
During the treatment, Kybella will break fat cells immediately after administration. In most cases, the treatment will only take 15 to 20 minutes. However, since the needs of patients vary, it may take longer or shorter to perform this procedure.
Once our experts finishes the Kybella treatment, the patient can return to their usual daily routine. Weeks after the treatment, the Kybella injection will destroy fat cells as the person continues performing regular duties. The dead fat cells will be removed through the body's metabolic process. Your needs will dictate the number of Kybella double chin reductions near me.
Depending on your individual needs, two to four KYBELLA treatment sessions may be necessary for the best possible results. Many of the patients who choose this procedure experience little or no pain. In some cases, there may be some degree of swelling and bruising. However, this will only last for a short while and subside. You can cover the treatment area with makeup if uncomfortable with how it appears. Besides that, any discomfort or pain from the double chin reduction Los Angeles treatment is easily manageable with medication.

Cost Of Double Chin Reduction

Cost of Double Chin Reduction ($1,500)

Coolsculpting Reviews

Some Of Our Happy Customers

Beverly Hills Med Spa has a highly trained medical professionals team with outstanding results and individual care for every patient out there. Consequently, it won't come as a surprise when our patients speak to people about our services. Have a glance at some of the reviews mentioned by our clients below:

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Why choose Double Chin Reduction

Choose Coolsculpting

Why choose Double Chin Reduction

Why do many people choose to have the KYBELLA® chin reduction therapy? It is a reliable and ground-breaking revolution in fat elimination, which is why many people struggling with double chin conditions choose to have it. Below are some of the benefits the KYBELLA injection offers patients:

    • It is easy, quick, and convenient to perform. Within 20 minutes, the treatment is over in most patients.

    • The treatment doesn't cause any pain.

    • The treatment is safe and doesn't cause any significant side effects. The FDA approves it with only minor swelling and bruising will diminish within one to two weeks of treatment.

    • It does not need any downtime for healing and recovery.

    • It works effectively. Many patients claim to see a dramatic fat reduction in the treatment area within six weeks.

    • Produces a permanent result. After the treatment, fat cells will be destroyed and never reappear in the treatment area, barring major weight gain.

    • KYBELLA does not involve any surgery, incisions, stitches, or scarring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people have a neck lift or chin tuck?

When a person gets older or loses weight, they may have a saggy neck or chin. This may show a wrinkled appearance. Others may also inherit this condition from their parents.

Am I a good candidate for Kybella?

A healthy person concerned about how fat cells have accumulated below the chin is a viable candidate for the Kybella treatment. The treatment does not address skin laxity. It only removes excess fat cells in the neck and chin regions. Therefore, those with good skin elasticity will experience a more desirable result.

Are There Any Side Effects from KYBELLA®?

There are only possible minor side effects after the Kybella treatment. They include bruising and swelling, which go away after a few days. Usually, there is no need for any downtime. Patients can return to their routine immediately after treatment.

How Long Do Results from KYBELLA® Last?

One key benefit of this treatment is that it produces a permanent outcome, and patients don't need maintenance treatments to get rid of stubborn fat cells. With that in mind, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure results last decades.

How Much Does KYBELLA® Treatment Cost?

In most cases, the individual fat removal goals will determine the Kybella treatment cost. This means that the KYBELLA procedure is customizable. However, most med spas offer this treatment for between $1,200 and $1,800.

What is recovery like after Kybella?

You don't need any downtime once you have undergone the Kybella treatment. You will hardly experience any side effects, but the bruising and swelling will subside after a few weeks. Patients may apply ice to reduce these symptoms. Our team will address any concerns if these side effects last longer than necessary.


Once you have undergone the KYBELLA procedure, you should see results after four or six weeks. Other patients may need several treatments to achieve the best possible results.


Once you have undergone this treatment, results will last permanently. You should be ready to have a slim look that will last for ages. However, you must keep a healthy lifestyle to keep the fat cells at bay.

What are some natural treatments to reduce or eliminate a double chin?

Many remedies are available to get rid of a double chin naturally. Here are some of the remedies that you can try at home to reduce excess fat cells:

Exercises for double chin: if you want to reduce your double chin, you can exercise using effective workouts that are available online. Some of these exercise routines have videos to help you understand better. Make sure to pursue them regularly to work effectively. Doing it for a few days won't give you the results you are looking for.

Diet remedies for double chin: One of the most effective ways to ensure that you don't develop a double chin is to eat a well-balanced diet. Stop eating excess junk foods. This will also ensure that your whole body stays in shape. Stay hydrated always and eat food in smaller portions.

How to avoid developing a double chin after treatment?

One of the ways to ensure that a double chin does not develop is to keep a healthy lifestyle to avoid gaining unnecessary weight. The efficiency of the treatment may not last if there are any fluctuations in weight gain.
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