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Double Chin Removal

With our double chin removal treatments at Beverly Hills Med Spa, we target the specific areas that contribute to the appearance of a double chin, offering a sleeker, more defined profile. Our non-surgical approaches are expertly designed to address:

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What is Double Chin Removal?

Why Choose Coolsculpting

Double chin removal is a cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate excess chin fat and neck fat, offering a slimmer, more defined jawline and neck profile. This non-surgical approach uses techniques like Kybella injections, which dissolve fat cells under the chin, and CoolSculpting, which freezes and removes unwanted fat without invasive surgery. Ideal for individuals seeking to address issues related to genetics, weight gain, or aging, double chin removal at clinics like Beverly Hills Med Spa provides an effective solution for enhancing facial contours and reducing the appearance of under chin fat. Through personalized treatment plans, patients can achieve noticeable, lasting results, improving their overall appearance and boosting self-confidence.

Why Choose Coolsculpting

How Does the Double Chin Removal Procedure Work?

Double chin removal is a transformative non-surgical procedure designed to effectively eliminate unwanted chin fat and neck fat, enhancing the contour of your jawline and the area under the chin. This targeted approach to get rid of a double chin employs advanced techniques that require no invasive surgery, offering a quick, efficient solution for those looking to refine their profile with minimal downtime. The cost of the procedure varies, depending on the extent of treatment needed and the methods used, making a personalized consultation essential to determine the best course of action for each individual.

Consultation and Evaluation: Meet with a specialist to discuss your goals for double chin removal, where your chin fat and neck fat will be assessed, and a personalized treatment plan will be developed.
Preparation: The treatment area under the chin is cleansed, and a numbing agent may be applied to ensure comfort throughout the procedure.
Marking the Target Area: Precise markings are made to identify the specific areas where treatment will be focused to effectively reduce the double chin.
Application of Treatment: Depending on the chosen method, the specialist will either administer Kybella injections to dissolve the fat cells or apply CoolSculpting technology to freeze and eliminate the fat under the chin.
Monitoring the Process: The procedure is closely monitored to ensure safety and effectiveness, adjusting the technique as needed to achieve the desired outcome.
Post-Treatment Care: After the procedure, patients are advised on post-treatment care to ensure optimal healing and results. Information on follow-up visits and any additional sessions will be provided, along with guidance on managing the cost of further treatments if necessary.

What Is the Cost of Double Chin Removal at Our Clinic?

Double Chin Removal Package ($1,500)

Double Chin Removal Reviews

Some Of Our Happy Customers

Discover the transformative experiences of our satisfied clients with our Double Chin Removal services at Beverly Hills Med Spa, Los Angeles. Our clients rave about their renewed confidence and the dramatic improvements in their jawline and neck profiles. Here’s what they're saying:

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Benefits of Double Chin Removal

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Benefits of Double Chin Removal

Opting for double chin removal at Beverly Hills Med Spa offers a seamless solution to eliminate unwanted chin fat and neck fat through a non-surgical approach. Our procedures specifically target the area under the chin, providing a streamlined and youthful contour without the downtime associated with traditional surgery. Not only does this method effectively get rid of a double chin, but it also presents a cost-effective alternative to more invasive options, making it an accessible choice for enhancing your appearance.

    Key Benefits:

    • Minimally Invasive: Non-surgical techniques mean less downtime and quicker recovery.

    • Cost-Effective: Offers a more affordable solution compared to surgical alternatives.

    • Targeted Fat Reduction: Precisely targets and eliminates fat under the chin and around the neck.

    • Improved Jawline Definition: Results in a more defined and contoured jawline.

    • Boosted Self-Confidence: Enhances your facial profile, leading to increased self-esteem.

    • Lasting Results: Achieve long-term improvements with proper care and maintenance.

    Through double chin removal, clients can enjoy these significant benefits, achieving a more defined and attractive facial silhouette with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Some patients may achieve their desired results with a single session, while others might require multiple treatments, especially with non-surgical options like Kybella®. The number of sessions depends on the initial amount of submental fat and the treatment method. During your consultation at Beverly Hills Med Spa, we will provide a customized treatment plan that outlines the expected number of sessions to achieve your goals.


The return to work after double chin removal varies based on the chosen method. Non-surgical treatments like Kybella® typically require minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily activities within a few days. Surgical options may require a longer recovery period. For specific guidance based on the treatment plan designed for you, contact Beverly Hills Med Spa.


Double chin removal, especially with non-surgical methods like Kybella®, is generally safe and carries minimal risks when performed by experienced professionals. Our team at Beverly Hills Med Spa prioritizes patient safety and uses only FDA-approved products and techniques. For more information on the safety and efficacy of our double chin removal treatments, please call us to book a consultation.


Maintaining your results after double chin removal involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet to prevent weight gain. Additionally, following any specific aftercare instructions provided by your practitioner is crucial. For tailored advice on maintaining your results, we encourage you to discuss with our team during your consultation or follow-up visits.


The best double chin removal method depends on your individual needs, goals, and the amount of submental fat present. Non-surgical options like Kybella® are excellent for reducing fat without downtime, while liposuction or a neck lift might be recommended for more significant changes. To determine the most suitable approach for you, contact Beverly Hills Med Spa to schedule a personalized consultation.


Yes, double chin removal can significantly enhance your overall facial profile by reducing excess fat under the chin and refining the jawline. This procedure creates a more balanced and proportionate appearance, contributing to a youthful and aesthetically pleasing facial contour. To see how double chin removal can specifically enhance your facial profile, we invite you to book a consultation with our experts at Beverly Hills Med Spa.

Why do people have a neck lift or chin tuck?

People opt for a neck lift or chin tuck to address aging signs, sagging skin, or excess fat under the chin and neck area, aiming to achieve a more youthful, contoured profile. These procedures can significantly enhance one's appearance and self-confidence by restoring a firmer, smoother neckline and defining the jawline.

Am I a good candidate for Kybella?

You may be an excellent candidate for Kybella® if you're looking to address moderate to severe submental fullness, commonly known as a double chin, and prefer a non-surgical treatment option. Ideal candidates are adults with unwanted fat under the chin who desire a more defined jawline without undergoing surgery. Factors that typically make someone a good candidate include being in good general health, having realistic expectations about the outcome, and understanding that Kybella® is designed for fat reduction under the chin, not skin tightening. During your consultation at Beverly Hills Med Spa, our specialists will evaluate your specific condition, discuss your aesthetic goals, and determine if Kybella® is the right choice for you, ensuring a personalized approach to achieving your desired results.

Are There Any Side Effects from KYBELLA®?

Yes, Kybella® can have side effects, including swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, and redness at the injection site. Rarely, more serious side effects like nerve injury in the jaw or trouble swallowing can occur. These side effects are typically temporary and should resolve on their own.

How Long Do Results from KYBELLA® Last?

The results from Kybella® are long-lasting because the treatment destroys fat cells under the chin. Once these cells are eliminated, they cannot store or accumulate fat again, making the outcome permanent. However, maintaining a stable weight is crucial to preserving the results.

How Much Does KYBELLA® Treatment Cost?

The cost of Kybella® treatment at Beverly Hills Med Spa varies depending on the individual needs of the patient, such as the amount of submental fat to be treated and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired results. Typically, a Kybella® treatment plan may range from $1,200 to $1,800 per session. During your initial consultation, our experts will assess your specific situation and provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your personalized treatment plan. We are committed to delivering exceptional care and ensuring our treatments are accessible and transparently priced, offering financing options to accommodate your budget.

What is recovery like after Kybella?

Recovery after Kybella® is usually quick, with most patients experiencing mild to moderate swelling and discomfort for up to a week. There's minimal downtime, and most individuals can return to their regular activities shortly after treatment, making it a convenient option for reducing double chin.


Visible improvements with Kybella® can be seen after 2 to 4 treatments, spaced at least one month apart. Significant results typically emerge within 1 to 3 months after the final treatment, as the body needs time to process and eliminate the destroyed fat cells.


Yes, the fat reduction achieved with Kybella® is considered permanent. The destroyed fat cells cannot regenerate, leading to lasting results. However, significant weight gain can affect the overall appearance, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is advised to preserve the effects.

What are some natural treatments to reduce or eliminate a double chin?

Natural treatments include exercises targeting the neck and jaw area, maintaining a healthy diet to prevent fat accumulation, and practicing good posture to strengthen neck muscles. While these methods may help, they often cannot replicate the dramatic and targeted effects of treatments like Kybella®.

How to avoid developing a double chin after treatment?

To avoid developing a double chin after treatment, maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise, practice good posture, and incorporate facial exercises to strengthen the jawline and neck muscles. Regular follow-up with your practitioner at Beverly Hills Med Spa can also help monitor and maintain your results.

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