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In beauty and aesthetics, an injection of an anti-inflammatory product name Cortisone(Kenalog) can instantly reduce pimples, ingrown hairs, cyst, and/or keloid scars.


Once the Cortisone is injected the treated area immediately begins to slowly decrease in size, until it disappears. The pimple or ingrown hair will resolve within 24-72 hours post treatment.


A spot Treatment to be rid of a stubborn pimple or ingrown hair.


A spot treatment to be rid of a few stubborn pimples or ingrown hairs.


Blast away stubborn pimples or ingrown hairs in all of your problem areas.

Acne FAQ
  • How Does A Cortisone Shot Work ?arrow circle

    A small amount of cortisone solution will be diluted and injected using a tiny needle directly into the area of concern.Within a few hours the injected site should begin reducing in size. This procedure takes just a few minutes and causes a quick and significant reduction of inflammation, resulting in a much smaller and less noticeable pimple, ingrown hair, cyst or keloid scar.

  • Who Can Receive A Cortisone Shot ?arrow circle

    Have you ever had a pimple erupt at the worst possible time? You know the kind you can’t extract at home? No longer should you avoid photos or cover your face from the embarrassment of a zit with its own area code.A cortisone injection will immediately calm down the size and intensity of that pimple, ingrown hair or even several year old keloid scar.

  • Who Cannot Receive A Cortisone Shot ?arrow circle

    Cortisone shots are only for pimples, the kind that cannot be extracted. The ones that have no “head” and are cystic. These acne pimples usually must be waited out to pass, unless a cortisone shot is injected. In addition, an ingrown hair may also receive cortisone to help release the trapped hair. Cysts can be treated as well as keloid scars, new or old. Cortisone shots are NOT ever to be used for small whiteheads, blackheads, or tiny pimples that otherwise need a facial or extractions to resolve.Those who are currently using Retin-A are advised against receiving Cortisone shots. Ideally, the area of concern should not be picked at or manipulated before the procedure. Patients with very thin skin or those that have undergone recent cosmetic procedures may not be good candidates.

  • What Are The Risks Of Getting A Cortisone Shot ?arrow circle

    While rare and unlikely, if too much cortisone is injected, a divot or indentation can occur giving a sunken appearance. This does, however, resolve within a few weeks to several months time.

  • Is There Any Downtime After A Cortisone Shot ?arrow circle

    No, typically the swelling or size of the area immediately begins to retract.

  • Can I Wear Makeup After My Treatment ?arrow circle

    It is recommended that you wait a few hours before applying makeup to the treated area. It is advised that you clean the area with normal face cleanser and water before applying makeup.

  • Will My Bump Completely Go Away ?arrow circle

    Yes, within 24 hours your treated area may recede to a completely flat effect.

  • Cortisone Shots Should Be Used Sparingly ?arrow circle

    While tempting to get cortisone shots regularly, it is recommended that cortisone shots be received only when absolutely needed, like if you have a pimple come up right before a special event.

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