Skin tightening Treatment?

You can undergo RF Skin Tightening at any area of the body where the skin is losing elasticity. This includes the neck, facial skin, arms, and hands. The most exposed area of the body is the face, which makes it prone to aging effects such as sagging skin. Many people prefer the RF skin tightening because it effectively tightens their jowls and jawline. It is also a reliable method to remove nasolabial folds that run from the nose to the mouth. The treatment works effectively to treat areas of the body such as:

Stomach And

Neck and chest





Love Handles
And Flanks

Face (jaw, eyelids, and chin)

Back Bulge And
Bra Area


Under Buttocks
(Banana Roll)


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What is Skin Tightening Treatment?

Why Choose Coolsculpting

Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening is a skin-nourishing treatment designed to treat sagging skin without surgery. The procedure produces a more youthful appearance. The devices used to perform radio frequency uses safe low-frequency levels of electromagnetic waves. These waves are used to generate heat. The heat works by penetrating deep within layers of the skin. It then stimulates the production of new skin cells (regeneration). Collagen and elastin stimulation is also another process that this treatment triggers. These proteins make the skin cells stronger and more flexible. The results of this treatment are that the skin will regain its firmness and stop sagging. You will get the shape and the feel that you have always admired.

No incisions are necessary during this treatment, and there are hardly any side effects. RF skin tightening is the best option if your skin is not responding well to thermal or laser treatment. Various areas of the body are treatable with radiofrequency skin tightening procedures. The treatment helps to generate elastin and collagen. This means it makes a suitable procedure for face and body contouring, eliminating wrinkles, fine lines and removing sun damage. It also reduces stretch marks and cellulite.

Why Choose Coolsculpting

How Does RF Skin Tightening Work?

Since no surgery is required during a radio-frequency skin tightening, it is an outpatient procedure. The size of the treatment area will determine how long it's going to take to perform it. It typically takes about an hour or less to complete an RF skin tightening procedure at Beverly Hills Med. No downtime is needed; you can go home once the procedure ends. Ask your provider for RF skin tightening before and after to see what the results will look like.

Consultation:-The consultation phase is where our dermatologist evaluates the patient's skin to determine the skin concerns and treatment goals. Photos of the procedure may be taken to allow the patient to see before-and-after results. Our dermatologist should also know if you have an active skin condition and are using any medication. Also, do inform dermatologist if you are pregnant.
Treatment Procedure:-When the treatment commences, our dermatologist will use a handheld device by moving it around the treatment area. The device releases radio frequency wavelengths that heat the skin. When this happens, it triggers a natural healing process beginning the stimulation of collagen.
Mechanism of RF Skin Tightening:-Through RF energy waves, RF Skin Tightening works by heating the skin to 40 degrees. The temperature is enough to heat collagen fibers, triggering a series of reactions in the body. The reactions include overall skin rejuvenation due to improved blood circulation, skin tightening due to tissue retraction, and stimulation of elastin and collagen. The outcome will be healthier, much plumper, and younger-looking skin.
Sensations During Treatment:-You may feel warmth, slight tingling sensation, and mid discomfort in the treatment area. You need to notify our dermatologist if you feel an uncomfortable burning sensation.
Post-Treatment Care:-Potential side effects of RF skin tightening are minimal. However, this will depend on the patient and several other factors. This treatment has no downtime, and you can return to work after the treatment. A week before and after treatment, you need to avoid exfoliation products. Instead, use 30+ sunscreen after treatment for 72 hours as the skin heals itself.

How much does RF skin tightening cost?

Cost of RF Skin tightening ($900 per treatment on average)

Skin Tightening Reviews

Some Of Our Happy Customers

Beverly Hills Med Spa has a highly trained medical professionals team with outstanding results and individual care for every patient out there. Consequently, it won't come as a surprise when our patients speak to people about our RF skin tightening treatment. Have a glance at some of the reviews mentioned by our clients below:

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Why choose RF Skin tightening?

Choose Coolsculpting

Why choose RF Skin tightening?

RF skin tightening offers the best way to turn back the hands of time on your skin by returning it to its youthful state. It provides numerous benefits, among them being:

    • Unlike surgical procedures that require long downtime, this skincare technique will leave your skin looking tighter, younger, and more vibrant.

    • While getting rid of skin laxity, you don't need to worry about scarring since the procedure does not require incisions.

    • It is a less invasive, skin-tightening technique that does not require any surgical procedure and has very few side effects related to it.

    • It takes less than an hour to perform an RF skin tightening procedure, apart from anesthesia, hospitalization, or any other medical necessity that comes with surgical procedures for tightening the skin.

    • Skin tightening often associated with this procedure usually lasts several years, even without surgery or additional treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening?

Being a dermatology procedure, an RF skin tightening treatment may not be ideal for all patients. Among the individuals who may not be the candidates include:

  • Lactating or pregnant mothers
  • If you have severe or advanced skin laxity
  • Those individuals who have particular medical conditions or are taking specific medication
  • If you had this kind of treatment in the past and suffered a severe skin reaction
  • People who form keloid scars or other abnormal scar formation

To know if you are an eligible candidate for a skin tightening procedure using RF, you need to consult a board-certified dermatologist. Such a practitioner will evaluate your skin and recommend suitable treatments to address your needs.

Who performs radio frequency skin tightening?

This unique skin-tightening procedure can be done by our board-certified dermatologist. However, you can only get the best results from our med spa .

How does it feel to have an RF skin tightening procedure?

Undergoing a radio frequency skin tightening procedure is quite relaxing. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, you don't need to worry about pain. The handheld device's gentle movements that emit heat will make you feel warm and comfortable.

What happens before radio frequency skin tightening?

The consultation phase allows the doctor to examine the skin, understand your skincare goals, and recommend a suitable treatment. You should also inform if you have any active skin condition, are an expectant mother, or are under medication. The doctor may take pictures so you can see rf skin tightening before-and-after results

How long does a radio-frequency skin tightening take to work?

The body requires sufficient time to generate collagen, new skin cells, and elastin. Within two to six months, you will experience an improved skin tone and appearance. Other skin care treatments are available if this kind of treatment is not giving you desired results. The doctor may recommend two to six radio-frequency treatment sessions.

How long does radio frequency skin tightening last?

Once you've undergone this skin tightening procedure, you should expect its results to last for one to three years.

What are the risks of radiofrequency skin tightening?

If you intend to have a radio frequency skin tightening procedure, you should know that it is quite safe. You may experience some swelling or redness, but only briefly after treatment. Burns may occur due to extreme heat from radio frequency. But this is only on some rare occasions. It is, therefore, essential to seek radio frequency skin tightening from a reliable provider. A reliable provider will only use RF skin-tightening equipment that the U.S. FDA approves –(Food and Drug Administration). The risks of getting burnt are reduced by using RF skin tightening with safety features.

What is recovery like after radio frequency skin tightening?

The size of the treatment area will determine how long it will take to recover from the treatment. As there is no downtime, so you can return to your daily routine soon after treatment. You can also apply makeup if you like after treatment.

Can you get other treatments simultaneously as radiofrequency skin tightening?

You can also undergo non-surgical procedures together with the RF skin tightening procedure. This will, however, depend on your skin rejuvenation goals. Other treatments that may go well with this skin care treatment include:

  • Microneedling
  • Botulinum toxin injections (Botox®)
  • Dermal fillers like jawline filler or dissolving lip filler


How regularly you should get this procedure depends on your skincare goals. Let's say you want to eliminate blemishes and sun damage; it is enough to apply sunscreen post-treatment. You will require additional maintenance treatments after treatment to get the best desirable results when addressing anti-aging effects.
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