Microneedling vs Dermarolling

The forms of microneedling, such as micro-pens and derma rollers, are used to boost the production of new collagen by creating microscopic injuries to the skin. Ever wondered what the difference between microneedling vs Dermarolling is? Microneedling refers to the office treatment in which an automated pen with tiny needles is used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin. Contrary to it, dermarolling at home is performed using a mini wheel covered with tiny needles to prick the face gently. Learn more about microneedling vs Dermarolling in this article. 

Science behind microneedling therapy 

It doesn't matter whether you are penning or rolling; the procedure behind microneedling works remains the same. In this, the tiny needles are used to create small and micro-injuries to the skin. This will boost your skin's natural healing process by encouraging collagen production in your skin. The main element of the skin is collagen which is responsible for the youthful, spring, smoothness, and bounce to your skin. Consequently, there is a significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and enlarged pores due to the natural healing of your skin. 

Without any doubt, microneedling has tons of benefits for your skin. It also brings a significant improvement in hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, stretch marks, scars and brings about a glow to your face. You can use this procedure for all body parts, such as the face, neck, hands, arms, abdomen, legs, and back. 

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Skin pen microneedling 

One can avail of this microneedling treatment only at the physician's office or at an establishment that is under medical directorship. This is because the FDA has classified it as a medical device. With advanced skin and microneedling techniques, skin pen microneedling treatment is performed by a licensed esthetician and commences with topical numbing of the skin. The treatment uses tiny, sterile, surgical-grade stainless steel needles to make you comfortable during the treatment. 

Your licensed esthetician will pay special attention to critical areas that require improvement and will move the pen over your skin in a series of passes. But this is only done once your skin is numbed. The treatment also pays heed to the sanitation of the implements and treatment room to ensure the safety of your skin. The treatment commences with a new, sterile pack, and no needles are reused during the procedure. 

As the needles go on, creating minor injuries to invoke the collagen production in the skin, these vibrate at a rate of 6000-8000 rpm. After some days of the treatment, you will notice a great improvement in skin texture, pigment, volume, and bounce. 

Dermal roller treatments at home 

Due to the round, drum-like shape covered in small needles, the microneedling devices used at home are dermal rollers or derma. In a week, these are rolled over your skin 2-3 times and allow better product absorption by opening the skin's channels. This device will bring about a significant improvement in your skin over time. 

Use the dermarollers at your own risk while at home and that too without the guidance of a trained professional. When skin pen microneedling treatment is used, the sterile pack is opened for each treatment, and the needles are disposable. Contrary to it, in derma rolling, the esthetician tends to use the same device repeatedly on your skin. 

Key differences between skin pen and dermal rollers 

People are keen on learning which one is better in microneedling vs dermarolling. Along with the penetration rate, the esthetician can also control the needle's depth during the skin pen microneedling treatment. For instance, the esthetician can use a deeper setting and more passes on the area with a chickenpox mark and enlarged pores. With more structural improvement to the skin, this versatility will also bring about fast results. But the only option you have in dermarolling is to pass over an area with more rolling that leads to dramatic skin irritation and scarring. 

You need a licensed and trained professional with a solid understanding of the entire procedure to perform the skin pen treatment. This is done so to lower the risk of developing injury and infection. Besides this, your esthetician should also be familiar with the appropriate treatment parameters according to your skin type and condition when choosing between microneedling vs Dermarolling so that he can customize the microneedling treatment to give you the desired results. 

Unlike dermal roller needles that enter your skin at an angle due to the round shape of the roller, skin pen needles vertically enter your skin. There hovers the risk of irritation, tearing, or scarring your skin because of the slanted angle of the dermal rollers. As a result, there will be large open channels to the skin, escalating irritation, and infection from the products applied onto the skin. 

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What makes them different? 



Whenever it comes to performing such skincare treatments, safety is the most important thing to consider. If you are getting the microneedling treatment, then it will be performed by the trained and experienced estheticians in the office. They know how to give you the desired results. There is a vast difference between microneedling vs Dermarolling, which is performed at home. Everything is a mere guess in derma rolling.

In some cases, individuals also risk developing certain infections, especially when they do not care to clean their home roller properly. On the contrary, microneedling pens are disposed of after every service. As a result, one should take great care while performing the treatment at home. 


Some areas are hard to reach, like around the eyes, nose, and upper lip, but microneedling pens can easily reach these areas. But it is difficult for the derma rollers to treat and reach these areas. 

Customized treatment 

One can easily adjust the needle's depth with the help of microneedling pens, but rollers can only reach a single depth. By adjusting the needle depth, it becomes easy to look at the different areas of the face requiring different penetration levels for best results. Therefore, it assumes high significance when dealing with specific skin concerns like acne scars and the delicate areas of the face like beneath the eye. 

Less damage 

In microneedling pens, the needles penetrate the skin vertically and in a stamping motion. But the needles penetrate the skin at an angle even when using the best derma roller. As a result, it floors the way for tears to your skin, leading to severe side effects and long recovery time. 

Fast treatment with minimal discomfort 

As a motorized system, microneedling pens allow more precision and accuracy as far as penetration depth is concerned. With an adjustable speed, these pens can penetrate the skin up to 100 times per second. The derma rollers can't beat this. As it is dependent on the handler's technique and accuracy, one cannot adjust the speed in derma rollers. However, you can minimize the skin damage, pain, and recovery time by adjusting the speed. 

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What does the FDA say about at-home dermal rollers?


It is still a long way to go for the microneedling at home rollers as the FDA has not approved them for home use. In reality, many of the rollers which are produced outside the US are on the FDA's import alert red list. The sole reason for this is the length of the needle, as it classifies the roller as a medical device. But this does not imply that the FDA considers these rollers as unsafe. It is just that they do not find it appropriate for home use. 

If you are looking out for some popular and accessible derma rollers in the market, then these are manufactured by Rodan and Fields. It is meant to be retailed through a multi-level marketing platform. Also, the company consultants are required to sell the AMP MD derma roller. The best thing about this is that you don't require licensing in skincare and esthetics. 

Rodan and Fields suspended the sales of this device in 2012, whereas FDA investigated whether it should be categorized as a medical device or not. FDA also gave a second thought to regulate its sales. The Rodan and Fields skin roller passed the FDA owing to the minimal depth of the needles used in the device. 

The main concern for the FDA lies in creating a safe, sanitary/sterile environment at home. You risk inviting harmful bacteria to open channels in the skin, injury, and infection if you do not care to clean the roller properly before using it again. 

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