Does coolsculpting really work

Coolsculpting is also known as cryolipolysis. In simple words, it refers to the medical procedure that helps people in getting rid of the excess fat cells beneath their skin. If you are counting this procedure for yourself, you must be aware of the risks involved in this because if there are benefits, then there are risks. 

In the Coolsculpting procedure, the practitioner uses a unique tool to cool certain parts of your body to freezing temperature. Usually, the Coolsculpting procedure freezes and eliminates the fat cells from that part only which you are getting it treated. These dead fat cells are broken down naturally and flushed out from your liver within a few weeks of the treatment. 

Does Coolsculpting really work? 

People remain in doubt over does Coolsculpting really works? This depends on what you mean by work. People wonder if it is possible to replace a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise by resorting to Coolsculpting. The answer is no. The treatment is not meant for those wanting to lose weight. Instead of this, it will reduce the small portions of fat from the stubborn body fat. 

There's a science behind its functioning, and it does work in reality. Cells go deep into what is known as Apoptosis if you reduce the temperature to a certain degree. It means that the cells kill themselves, and the body consumes its by-products. It works so well and that too without hurting the skin. The real magic lies in the fact that you are cooling down the skin to a temperature where it will melt the fat. 

But the problem is that it does not suit everybody's body type, and results may differ. It works best for such persons with pinchable and plump fat and those in small amounts. Those people will have a high success rate who have three pounds of pinchable fat to get rid of than such a person who has just 10 pounds of fat. Before and while availing of the treatment, keep in mind that it is not a magic wand for your unhealthy lifestyle. 

Those who are done with the diet and exercise but still have fat left, like near about thighs, love handles, or around the lower belly, can avail Coolsculpting for themselves. 

How does Coolsculpting work? 

The procedure named Cryolipolysis is used by Coolsculpting. A roll of fat is placed into two panels that cool the fat to the desired temperature, and the entire procedure goes like this. 

A study was conducted to know about the efficacy of cryolipolysis in 2009. Later on, it was found that nearly 25% of the fat got treated by cryoliposysis. Even after the treatment, the results were still present for around six months. Consequently, within several weeks of the treatment, the dead fat cells are flushed out from the body through the liver, revealing full results within three months. 

Usually, people opt of the best Coolsculpting Los Angeles to treat several parts of the body like: 

  • Lower back 
  • Thighs
  • Sides 
  • Belly fat 

Besides the above-mentioned areas, the treatment can also treat the cellulite on the arms, legs, and buttocks. Some people also opt for it for treating the fat under the chin. 

Usually, an hour is taken to treat each body part. If you want to get more body parts treated, then you require more sessions of Coolsculpting. The large areas may require more sessions than the smaller parts. 

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Who does Coolsculpting work? 

Everyone cannot avail of Coolsculpting. You cannot treat your obesity with it. If you have tried losing weight with diet and exercise but didn't get the desired results, you can also avail the Coolsculpting treatment for yourself. Also, gain an insight into the Coolsculpting treatment cost before getting the treatment for yourself. 

For reducing body fat in many people, Coolsculpting is a safe and effective option. But some people should refrain from getting the Coolsculpting done. Because of the risk of dangerous complications, people with these conditions should avoid getting Coolsculpting for them. The conditions include: 

It is vital to consult your doctor before seeking out a surgeon to perform the procedure irrespective of whether you have the above-mentioned conditions. 

Risks and Side Effects of Coolsculpting


In 2012, The FDA cleared Coolsculpting for use in abdomen and flank areas before approving it for other areas. The clinical trials have confirmed the overall safety of the treatment. 

Most common Coolsculpting side effects include soreness, numbness, redness, tingling, or discomfort, but all these side effects are temporary as these disappear in some days only. 

Tugging sensation 

On the part you are getting treated, the doctor places a roll of fat between two cooling panels during the Coolsculpting session. As a result, this might lead to tugging or pulling sensations you have to deal with for at least one to two hours. This is how long the procedure will take. 

Pain or stinging sensation 

The most common side effect of Coolsculpting includes stinging, pain, and aching sensation at the researchers' treatment site. Soon after the treatment, you will begin to feel this, and this will go up two weeks after the treatment. It might be due to the intense cold temperatures to which your skin and tissue are exposed during the Coolsculpting treatment. 

The results of all those who had cryolipolysis over one year were reviewed in 2015. Upon the research, it was found that the post-treatment pain lasted for 3-11 days and people got over it on their own

Swelling and bruising 

One can expect the following side effects at the treatment site after availing of the Coolsculpting session:

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Skin sensitivity 
  • Redness 

All these side effects result from the intense cold temperatures your body is exposed to during the treatment. After a few weeks, they vanish on their own. Besides this, these side effects occur because Coolsculpting affects the skin in the same way as frostbite does. By doing so, it targets the fatty tissues and cells beneath the skin. But if seen overall, Coolsculpting is highly safe and will not seem like frostbite to you. 

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Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia 

In rare circumstances, some people also complain of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. It is also one of the side effects of Coolsculpting. Most probably, it occurs in men more than women. By this, we mean that the fat cells grow larger than getting smaller at the treatment site. Surgeons are still not able to reach out to why this happens. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia doesn't disappear on its own as it is a cosmetic rather than a physical side effect and is dangerous also. 

Instead of cutting down the fat cells, Coolsculpting can increase the fat cells in some persons in the body parts that got treated. But this happens in rare cases only and is not common. There is less than a 1% chance of this happening. Despite being rare, the people must be aware of this. Those people who become victim to this side effect of Coolsculpting prefer alternative fat reduction methods like the old liposuction. 

Are the results long-lasting?

There are chances that the Coolsculpting results last indefinitely. This is because once the fat cells are eliminated from your body, they do not mark a comeback. On the contrary, if you gain weight after availing of the treatment, then it must be in the treated areas only, not overall. For seeing the results, compare the Coolsculpting before and after pictures of yours. 

Counterfeit Coolsculpting 

Along with the Coolsculpting treatments, counterfeit treatments are also on the rise. One thing about counterfeit treatments is that the FDA does not approve them. Counterfeit treatments may be more affordable for many people than the Coolsculpting treatment, but they can have adverse effects on your skin. Those who try the counterfeit treatments end up with cases of frostbite too often. Before availing of the counterfeit treatment, it is always better to check it at the Coolsculpting site and have a word with your doctor to know about their treatment experience. 

Now, you must have got an answer to your question- does Coolsculpting really work? Feel free to contact Beverly Hills Med Spa if you are looking for the best Coolsculpting treatment. You can get full guidance about the whole procedure of Coolsculpting from Beverly Hills Med Spa Team. Along with this, he will also let you know how do we work, Coolsculpting benefits, and disadvantages. 


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