Beverly Hills Med Spa Cool-Sculpting

Say Goodbye to Fat!

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction!

$400 Instant Rebate! Call for Complimentary Consultation.
Beverly Hills Med Spa Cool-Sculpting

Say Goodbye to Fat!

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction!

$400 Instant Rebate! Call for Complimentary Consultation.

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Beverly Hills Med Spa was established by Aesthetic Award-winning Dr. John Kahen. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled aesthetic results using only the best beautifying technology.

Our friendly and inviting staff assists our patient's in reaching their refinement desires and becoming their best selves.

Our patients receive the most advanced technology in a discreet, comfortable location in Beverly Hills. We provide the most advanced anti-aging and fat reduction treatments, that leave patients feeling restored and looking natural.


Kybella is an FDA approved treatment that reduces fat in the double chin area. Kybella contains a naturally-occurring molecule that your body produces to help breakdown fat. When injected into the chi...

CoolMini-Double Chin Reduction

CoolMini is a small version of the larger CoolSculpting applicators. It was designed for the chin area. The Coolmini can create a contoured chin and jawline. The treatment has little downtime and prov...

CoolSculpting-Fat Reduction

The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat from areas that are resistant to diet- and exercise. The fat cells are frozen by the CoolSculpting machine, your body will metabolize the dead cells...


Botox, Juvederm, Kybella! Age, along with other factors such as gravity and exposure to the sun can cause premature aging. Tissue begins to break down over the years and this process will take away th...

Hair Restoration-FUE No Scalpel Procedure

Pioneer in PRP hair restoration. PRP potency matters! We use the most potent patent pending PRP formula using the body’s own tissue regeneration mechanism to strengthen small hairs.

PRP Hair Restoration-Non Surgical

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP potency matters! We use the most potent patent pending PRP formula. PRP facial rejuvenation is a treatment that takes platelet rich plasma from your own blood. The plasma will help tissue healing ...

Proud of Our Reputation

"I went to Beverly Hills Med Spa for a Kybella Consult and I saw their Coolsculpting machine. I asked about it and decided to try it out. I had my love handles treated and it’s been about 2 months and I’ve lost an inch and 2 pounds. I’m told I’ll continue to see results up to 3 months. Its worth the money! I could not lose these damn love handles to save my life!"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"Kybella is a life changer! I have my moms double chin and despite being petite everywhere else my damn double chin never goes away. Kybella got rid of the area that I can’t work out lol. The pain wasn’t bad and the swelling went down after like a week. I recommend BH med spa"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"I’m a very active mom of 3 and getting rid of my arm fat has been impossible. I went to BH Med Spa to try Coolsculpting for my arms. One month out and I have results, more results than I saw giong to the gym for months!! I 100% back up this treatment."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"My husband got me 2 Coolsculpting treatments for my bday. I had my back fat done aka the area the area that never goes away! I’m 2 months out and my buldge has gone down by at least 50%!! There wasn’t any major pain during the treatment and I didn’t have any down time. I’ll be back to get my stomach done. I’d choose this over liposuction any day!!"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"I love this place. I’ve gotten my Botox done here and now I’m trying Kybella. The staff is sweet
and they make you feel comfortable."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"I absolutely love the staff. They’re vert friendly and honestly care. They’re personable about
treatment plans,I really felt like they cared. Its not easy going into a med spa and saying hey I
need to get rid of fat but the staff here makes you feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend
this spa to anyone who wants personalized care."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"Had a pleasant and painless coolsculpting procedure. I’m looking forward to seeing the final
results! Everyone was very nice and respectful."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"BH Med Spa is amazing they’re knowledgeable and the procedures are a breeze."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"Amazing office and great treatment plans. I thought I needed Coolsculpting on one area but the
nurse showed me where I actually needed it. They really care about the outcome of the
treatment, it’s not just about the money for them."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"I’m so happy with my results. Coolsculpting isn't a joke! I had a consult somewhere else and they
had NO idea what they were talking about. The nurse at Beverly Hills Med Spa was very
knowledgeable and respectful. I’ve lost 3 inches on my waist and I swear that wouldn’t have been
possible with just going to the gym. I recommend this place for sure!"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"This is my go to med spa. The staff know their products and tailor each treatment to me and my
needs. No sales crap or guilt trips. This is a real medical facility and they’re ethical! I’ve had great
results with cool sculpting and I’m set to go back for treatment number 2!"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"I just have to give a public thank you to the team at Beverly Hills Med Spa. They KNOW Botox! I swear I look 10 years younger, this is the boost I needed in life. I’ll be back for more Botox and I’m going to try Kybella!"

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"This is a friendly facility. I’ve done coolsculpting here and I had good results. I also did some Botox treatments and I love it! Highly recommended."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"A true artist medical. Very personable and they listens to you. The vampire facial wasn’t as bad
as I thought it would be. My skin is so smooth and fresh now, I look 15 again. I’ll be back to
another treatment as soon as I can! I wont even need a facial after getting the PRP injected in my
face (vampire facial). They goal is to make you happy and comfortable. Highly recommend."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors

"Bedside manner is key in the medical field and the staff have it. I was so nervous cuz I heard vampire facials hurt, the staff literally held my hand through it all! They helped me feel comfortable and safe."

Beverly Hills Med Spa Doctors
Kybella Non Surgical Double Chin Fat Reduction in Los Angeles

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