How Long Does Coolsculpting Take


Some people find it challenging to lose extra pounds from belly portions or love handles. Many people are facing the same issue, but no worries as long as you have amazing cutting-edge technology known as coolsculpting to address it. Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved non-surgical method to remove fat cells for good. You can avail it now from experienced medical professionals. 

Introducing Coolsculpting 

It has been a long time since liposuction is being done. Not only this, but it has also delivered amazing results to many people out there. Initially, people might consider liposuction an effective treatment when thinking about their excess fat. But all the patients don't need to go through the surgery as they cannot afford the downtime. 

One new treatment that people can avail of is coolsculpting, as it can target the fat cells directly without requiring you to go through surgery or long recovery. Coolsculpting uses advanced medical technology to freeze the fat cells without harming the nearby areas. The fat cells will begin to die off once the fat cells are frozen, and the body will flush them out from your system. All this procedure will leave you with a slimmer and sculpted surface. Now you must have come to know- how effective is coolsculpting. 

Coolsculpting Sessions

How does it work? 

Coolsculpting is not a very lengthy procedure but a short one requiring 30-60 minutes only to wind up. Besides this, the length of the procedure will vary as per the patient's specific needs as it is a simple treatment.

Treatment targets the fat cells. 

Your treatment area will be cooled using specially designed applicators to freeze off the fat cells to the point where they break down. Around 20-25% of fat cells in the particular area will be damaged during a session. It is because the fat cells can't handle the immense cold and the other body parts, so you get rid of stubborn fat without causing harm to other areas. 

Your body begins to flush the cells. 

The fat cells slowly begin to die when a cell wall is damaged. The reliable systems for recycling old cells prevalent with the human body have made this possible as this is a natural way the body repairs itself. The body absorbs and removes them when the treatment has frozen the fat cells. The body will gradually remove these cells leaving behind healthy tissue and skin after some weeks. You'll be able to see the results clearly after three weeks. 

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What happens during coolsculpting treatment? 

The experience from coolsculpting treatment varies from person to person as everyone's experience is unique. Still, you can expect a few things from the treatment as you begin with it. You can begin with the treatment as you book your consultation. But most people ask us one thing- How long does coolsculpting take

Pre-treatment consultation 

Upon your face-to-face consultation with the physician, you can discuss your specific goals and hopes for this treatment. The physician will also like to know your medical history in the consultation and ensure that you don't suffer from conditions that might interfere with the coolsculpting treatment. 

A swift treatment process 

Witnessing the easy and relaxing treatment process, patients are often surprised to have the treatment done. The treatment area varies slightly as the session lasts for merely 30-60 minutes. The applicators will be applied to the desired treatment area during the treatment session. You'll start to witness the cold sensation on the skin once you begin with it, but it will be relaxing. There is no need for needles and anesthetics for the treatment. It is purely non-invasive. Once the session is over, patients can return to work to resume their normal activities. You won't take days or hours to recover from it. 


The important thing to practice is to wait and witness the results once you are done with the treatment. After the freezing session, you'll witness the results around the third or fourth week as results take time to show up. The majority of the people are done in merely one session and get the results. But sometimes, a person needs more than one session, especially if the treatment areas are more than one, such as the lower abdomen and thighs. 



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How long should you wait between sessions? 

How long to see coolsculpting results is a question people frequently ask us. Usually, people prefer losing a great amount of fat and are likely to get follow-up sessions to get the desired results. No doubt that the treatment sessions are beneficial, but you should be careful to space up the sessions to freeze out the fat cells. Consequently, you can ensure that your future treatments turn out to be most effective by allowing the body its time to remove the dead fat cells. Coolsculpting how many sessions should be considered before proceeding with the same. 

One to four months average 

Before getting a second freezing session in the same area, it is wise to wait for 30 days. It will be beneficial to wait for a while as the ideal results usually take around three months after your first session. 

Why do some people have more stubborn fat than others? 

There are very few people who can attain the toned and sculpted body without availing of such treatments. On the contrary, people spend hours in the gym and attempt diet programs to cut calories. Still, they are not able to get rid of stubborn fat. 

Genetics plays a big role

Everyone should be aware that all this is determined by genetics before you start to blame yourself. We all have different genes, and our bodies are structured so that it stores fat in different areas. Some people get this fat in unintended areas such as the lower abdomen, thighs, sides, and even arms. While planning to get rid of the same, people think around the lines of diet and exercise meant for losing weight. 

Diet and exercise don't eliminate the fat cell

There is strong support for diet and exercise, but it does not always care for your stubborn fat. One reason for this may be the way the body burns fat. Our bodies use the stored fats when we exercise or go on a calorie deficit and empty the fat cell to give it the energy it needs. 

But even if the fat inside has been used, empty fat cells will remain. It is much easier for the body to store the fat while sitting around and putting on the pounds later on. 

You don't have to live with stubborn fat. 

Rather than focussing on stubborn fat, you should emphasize the removal of stubborn fat, and this is what coolsculpting does. It does not mean that you can't get a sculpted, contoured look on your abs, sides, thighs, or flanks just because you have got some resistant fat reserves. By freezing the fat cells and getting rid of them, you can reshape your body. 

Your medical staff will work for you. 

You must have got a reply to the question asked above- How long does coolsculpting take after going through a detailed guide mentioned above. The treatment will not be the same for every patient as everyone is different. For a second session, some patients may be advised to wait longer according to their health and fat loss situations. Usually, patients should get multiple sessions to accomplish their body goals as the staff will work with you to personalize your treatment. Feel free to reach out to Beverly Hills Medspa today to schedule your appointment



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