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CoolSculpting is a fat removal procedure that involves freezing away excess fat that has accumulated in various parts of the body through a process known as cryolipolysis. After the CoolSculpting procedure, what do you expect? How much does CoolSculpting cost, and what does it involve? When will you experience complete results? These are a few of the questions that many people ask themselves after CoolSculpting in Los Angeles.  Fat freezing is an ideal option if you are looking for the best way to improve your body contour. In this post, Beverly Hills MedSpa will help you make the best decision when addressing stubborn fat cells through CoolSculpting. Continue reading to understand more, and you can schedule a CoolSculpting appointment at Beverly Hills MedSpa.

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting utilizes a noninvasive process called Cryolipolysis. The procedure is also painless and comfortable; therefore, there is no need for pain medication or anesthesia. At Beverly Hills MedSpa, the doctor will start by applying a gel pad to protect your skin. During the procedure, the CoolSculpting applicator causes a cooling sensation to the area experiencing stubborn fat cells. This causes the cell to freeze and die. With our fat-freezing procedure, patients experience a slight tugging sensation that is quite tolerable.

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Procedure for Coolsculpting

The following are what patients experience during the CoolSculpting at Beverly Hills MedSpa. 

  1. The doctor evaluates your body to establish where stubborn fat cells lie in the body. He will understand your body type, underlying medical conditions, weight, etc. This also helps to determine the frequency of the CoolSculpting procedure. Evaluating excess fat cells helps the doctor to know the pros and cons expected and the easiest way to remove the fat. 
  2. The doctor will offer a customized treatment plan in your first session that caters to your body type. At Beverly Hills MedSpa, an esthetician uses the fat-freezing (Cryolipolysis) technique to eliminate all troublesome fat cells in the body. 
  3. Unwanted fat cells in the body are removed by applying cooling gel in areas with accumulated fat. Along the path, the doctor will use a hand-held device to ensure that all stubborn fat is removed. During the procedure, the patient will experience a mild tingling sensation coupled with pushing and pulling. This feeling shows that the fat removal process by freezing works well in the body. 
  4. Once the esthetician finishes the first session of the CoolSculpting procedure, the patient can resume their routine since recovery is instant. This means that there is no downtime. Our esthetician will explain when to return to the office for more CoolSculpting sessions to complete the procedure. 

What Are The Positive Results Of Coolsculpting?

The CoolSculpting procedure is an ideal fat removal procedure for people who want to get rid of stubborn fat cells gradually. If you have fat cell deposits in various parts of your body and want to eliminate them, then CoolSculpting is the best option. This procedure is suitable for persons with ideal weight, not overweight. The CoolSculpting procedure does not remove fat cells instantly since the fat freezing and extraction process takes time. Eventually, you will get the perfect physique once the procedure is complete. 

Even though the procedure works well in removing fat deposits in the body, it is up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure that the fat cells don’t accumulate again. This will also help the gel to prevent potential side effects of CoolSculpting. Long-term results of coolsculpting are dependent on the patient’s determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This often depends on your body type and weight. The best results are achieved within 1 to 6 sessions. 

Cost of Coolsculpting

At Beverly Hills MedSpa, we offer affordable CoolSculpting procedures. The cost of coolsculpting is determined by various factors. The doctor will customize the fat removal procedure based on the weight goals, body type, and targeted areas. We guarantee the best coolsculpting at Beverly Hills MedSpa since, in every session, the esthetician focuses on your requirement. The cost of having the CoolSculpting procedure per treatment session is $800. You will get a refreshed look and high vitality once you are done with the treatment. Advanced body toning will help you get in shape much faster after the CoolSculpting Beverly Hills procedure. 

How long does it last?

Getting the desired outcome from the CoolSculpting procedure in the tummy requires more than one treatment session. The stubborn body fat that will be flushed out will never return. However, you will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the fat cells from forming again. In the CoolSculpting procedure, the fat cells are not shrunk down like in the traditional method used in losing weight. Instead, they are completely removed to prevent them from accumulating again.

There is a chance of new fat cells forming if you gain weight in the future. Twenty percent of the accumulated fat cells are eventually removed during the CoolSculpting procedure at Beverly Hills MedSpa. Other patients may see a reduction of 40 percent of stubborn fat in smaller areas of the body, such as the arm or below the chin. The process will have to be repeated several times to get optimum results. This means that every treatment session will cost the same amount. 


To sum up, CoolSculpting offers an easy and quick option for getting rid of stubborn fat cells that reduces weight no matter what you do. Since it is pretty safe and effective, within a few weeks, you will see complete results that are long-lasting from CoolSculpting, compared to other fat removal procedures. To get the best results from the CoolSculpting procedure, you should seek the treatment at Beverly Hills MedSpa.

If you have problematic or stubborn fat cells that refuse to go away even after dieting or exercising, you can rely on us for a tight and fit body shape once you have undergone this fat-freezing procedure. During a consultation, the doctor will examine and evaluate your body to determine the best way to perform the CoolSculpting procedure based on your fat removal goals. Once you get a flat stomach and a tight body, your self-confidence and esteem will improve tremendously. Contact us today to understand what you can achieve with our CoolSculpting procedure. 

For any questions regarding CoolSculpting Treatment, you can visit our clinic. In Addition, call us at 310.359.8832, or Schedule an Appointment.

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