Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cost

A lymphatic drainage massage is a therapy that specializes in the stimulation of tissues in various areas of the body through specialized massages to prevent swelling. It is an effective medical technique for alleviating lymphoedema symptoms, and you can do it on your own or have a licensed therapist do it for you. It is essential to ask our experts about lymphatic drainage massage costs before getting it. 

One of the lymphatic system's functions is eliminating excess waste fluid in the muscles. Known as lymph, the excess fluid is extracted from the body through a network of lymph vessels and nodes. Lymphoedema is a medical condition caused by many reasons, such as breast cancer, damaged smooth muscle tissue, or surgery that usually affects the lymphatic system. If it lasts for a while, this condition leads to swelling in the legs or arms. Lymph that accumulates in certain body areas is usually drained out by a specialized therapy known as lymphatic drainage massage. The massage works by improving the flow of lymph fluid in the regions that don't have any swellings so that areas with swellings can reduce. Lymphatic drainage massage cost varies. Therefore, it is good first to inquire how it is set. 

Preparations necessary for a lymphatic drainage massage

A lymphatic drainage massage offers patients a relaxing, painless experience that doesn't require a numbing agent or anesthesia. You can do several things before the therapy to maximize the advantages of this treatment. They include:

  • You arrive early at the therapy facility to feel relaxed and avoid feeling rushed when you arrive late for the appointment. 
  • Don't eat heavily before the therapy. Eating heavily before a lymphatic drainage massage makes you uncomfortable when the therapist massages your abdomen. 
  • Don't drink alcohol or caffeine before the treatment. The reason is that these beverages are diuretics. This means that you will feel like urinating as the procedure continues. Moreover, alcohol and caffeine negatively affect the lymphatic drainage massage because they dehydrate the body. 
  • Just take or drink enough fluids to stay hydrated. As a rule of thumb, staying hydrated before a lymphatic drainage massage is always good. Yet, it would benefit if you drank only a few fluids as this will make you go in and out of the bathroom as the procedure continues. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cost 

If you live in the USA, most medical spas will charge you an average of $100 per hour for a lymphatic drainage massage. If the therapy takes longer than one hour, you may need to pay more. Different locations offer different price tags for lymphatic drainage massage therapies. A lymphatic drainage massage cost at Beverly Hills med spa clinic is as low as $80 per session. If you need 10 sessions, that costs $800. Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage cost for 90 minutes? is $225. Some med spas have offers, special packages, and discounts. This often sees clients paying much less for several sessions. 

The ideal thing to do is seek this therapy from an accredited and licensed med spa provided by an experienced masseuse. A professional with little experience may push the lymph nodes with waste further into the body. 

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Factors That Dictate Lymphatic Drainage Massage Cost 

Lymphatic drainage massage cost varies from region to region in the United States. Below are some of the factors that help to determine lymphatic drainage massage cost:

  • The Service Provider

Specialists or therapists who perform lymphatic drainage massage are available in various locations nationwide. Most of them set the lymphatic drainage treatment cost according to individual characteristics. An established therapist with years of experience will likely charge higher than a therapist with little experience. 

  • Cost of Living

The cost of living in various areas in the country varies, as does the cost of performing a lymphatic drainage massage. Areas with high living costs usually have a much higher price for a lymphatic drainage massage. 

  • Duration of Treatment

You have to pay more based on how long each treatment session lasts and the frequency. The longer the lymphatic drainage massage session lasts, the more you pay. Most med spas give clients discounts for visiting them for frequent treatment sessions. 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits 

  • Increases Immune Power

The work of a lymphatic system is to collect and pick up the waste and harmful foreign particles that are likely to harm other cells in the body and dispose of them. You will have a robust immune system if your lymphatic system serves its purpose well. Boost your immune system by seeking lymphatic drainage massages from a reputable med spa or clinic. 

  • Treats Swelling

Injuries or skin irritations cause the skin to swell up. Muscle tissues may begin swelling during physical activity or a heavy workout. Swelling may also occur in pregnant women during their pregnancy period. You need to seek professional lymphatic drainage treatments to eliminate these swellings. 

  • Boost up Energy

Sometimes we are hit with a sudden feeling of depression. This may occur due to higher secretion of stress hormones. A lymphatic drainage massage enhances the secretion of oxytocin, serotonin, or dopamine, which are happy hormones. This will help you to improve your moods. Lymphatic drainage massage Beverly Hills will help you boost your energy by giving you the most effective lymphatic drainage massage. 

  • Increases Skin Texture

The skin texture is bound to improve after a lymphatic drainage massage. Not only does it remove waste and toxins from the body, but it also eliminates all the debris from the blood and increases blood circulation in the skin. This is quite beneficial because it helps to improve skin texture. 

  • Reduce Body Pain

Our bodies are prone to a prevalent pain called body discomfort. When we have had a hectic long day, we often go to bed feeling tired due to muscle soreness. The most effective way to relieve this pain is to get a massage. Inflammation, muscle pain, and muscular knots are all removed by applying pressure to the muscles. Only a reputable med spa will provide the best services to help you eliminate body discomfort and pain. 

  • Relax the Nervous System

One of the most essential systems in the body is the central nervous system. Its work is to regulate all the functions of body organs. One of the benefits of getting a lymphatic drainage massage is to calm down the nervous system. It helps to relax the nervous system by improving blood circulation. Get all these benefits by seeking an effective lymphatic drainage massage near me from a reliable medical spa. 

Why choose Beverly Hills Med Spa clinic?

We perform lymphatic drainage on different body areas depending on what type of issue you're experiencing. Our therapists have good experience and training in this specialized field of massage therapy, which means they can provide customized care that will help you return to living your life without feeling limited by pain or stiffness. If you want to learn more about lymphatic drainage massage, call us at 310.359.8832, or you can visit our clinic and fill out our online form to schedule your consultation today!


Your body needs various treatments to maximize its functions. One of these treatments is a lymphatic drainage massage. This therapy is beneficial to the body because it helps to eliminate waste and toxins in the body. Seeking a lymphatic drainage massage from Beverly Hills Med Spa Clinic will ensure you enjoy this therapy's benefits. If you have any discomfort from swelling, this is the best treatment because it guarantees good results. 


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