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What is PRP?

A non-surgical hair restoration procedure called PRP (platelet-rich plasma) involves injecting minute amounts of a concentrated solution made from a sample of your blood into balding areas of the scalp. There is mounting evidence that it can give some people very good results without the use of pharmaceuticals or transplant surgery. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that PRP treatment is not a long-term cure for hair loss, unlike a hair transplant. A frequently posted query follows: How long does PRP hair treatment last? 

For effective PRP hair treatment outcomes, you must finish a course of four to six treatments, and new hair growth will last for roughly 18 to 24 months. Getting touch-up treatments once a year is advised because PRP is not a permanent solution.

At Beverly Hills Med Spa, we uses Smart PRP technology for all clients needing hair restoration. It is the strongest, most effective PRP on the market! So strong, in fact, only one treatment is needed per year. Beverly Hills Med Spa is renowned for its PRP Hair Restoration.

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What does SmartPRP do?

SmartPRP® was first implemented about a decade ago by doctors to enhance the healing process in sports-related injuries or surgery that affected joints. The treatment involves a physician drawing a blood sample from the patient and putting it in a centrifuge device to be spun at rapid speeds. This is meant to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood compounds. Once SmartPRP® is extracted, it is injected into the injury or surgery site to promote wound healing and cell growth, repair blood vessels, and stimulate collagen production.

What led to the use of SmartPRP® treatment for hair loss was the discovery by researchers that high levels of platelets in plasma cells prolonged the growing phase of the hair cycle, promoting hair growth. The site where hair loss or thinning hair has occurred is injected with SmartPRP®. Typically, injections are administered every month for three months. But at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we recommend only one dose of SmartPRP® every 8-12 months since we have the most potent SmartPRP®, so there is no need to inject every month or every 3 months. The cost ranges of SmartPRP® injection vary per therapy. Several factors will determine injection schedules, including the patient's age, genetics, the size of the treatment site, and hormones. Being a cosmetic procedure, health insurance providers will not cover it.

SmartPRP is injected all over the scalp to rejuvenate the hair follicles. With one session of Dr. Kahen's SmartPRP formula, your hair will stop excessive shedding and grow thicker and stronger, leaving you with beautiful, healthy hair. 

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